Best Racing Games On The PC 2022

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Best Racing Games

Gaming is one of the most popular pastimes on the planet, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. There are seemingly more and more games being released every day. This means it’s a good time to look at the best racing games on the PC. Whether you’re a racing enthusiast or just looking for fun, these games will give you hours of entertainment. So whether you’re racing in cars or bikes, check out the best racing games on the PC.

Best Racing Games On The PC 2022
Best Racing Games On The PC 2022

Assetto Corsa

Assetto Corsa is a racing game developed and published by Kunos Simulazioni. It was first released in December 2015 for Microsoft Windows and macOS and later for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game is set in the fictional European country of San Marino, which has been modified to resemble a variety of locations throughout Europe.

Assetto Corsa features a range of cars that can be raced on various tracks and an online multiplayer mode. The game has received generally positive reviews, with praise directed at its graphics and handling, while criticism has focused on its short length and lack of content.

Assetto Corsa is a racing game developed and published by Kunos Simulazioni for Microsoft Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game was released in October 2016. Assetto Corsa is the successor to the 2010 game Kunos Simulazioni’s GP2 Series title, also published by Electronic Arts.

Assetto Corsa features a career mode in which the player can compete in multiple championships over four seasons and a one-off race mode. In multiplayer mode, up to sixteen players can race together on different courses. The game also features a track editor that allows players to create and share their tracks with other players.

Assetto Corsa has received acclaim from critics since its release. It has been nominated for several gaming awards, including the Golden Joystick Award for Best Racing Game and the BAFTA Games Awards for Best Simulation Game.

Project Cars

Project Cars is undoubtedly one of the best racing games available on PC. The game has a wealth of content, and there are always new things to do. Whether you’re looking for a challenging race or want to take on some friends, Project Cars have something for you.

There are three main modes in Project Cars: Career, Multiplayer, and Time Trial. In Career, you can race in various formats across multiple tracks. Multiplayer lets you race against other players online or in split-screen mode. Finally, Time Trial challenges you to complete laps as quickly as possible with different modifiers applied.

Each mode offers plenty of variation and challenge. You can also participate in the developers’ or other players’ challenges. These challenges range from simple races to, particularly, hard times trials. Completing these challenges rewards you with experience points that help you progress through the career mode.

If racing isn’t your thing, then you can try out some other modes available in Project Cars.

There’s an Arcade mode where you can play any track in any order that you like; a

Showcase mode which lets you test your skills against ghost cars created by the developers; and a Photo Mode that lets you snap pictures of your driving while playing the game on custom tracks built specifically for this purpose.

There’s also a community hub where you can find out about events taking place around the world, sign up for newsletters, chat with fellow players, and

World of Speed

There are a lot of great racing games on the PC, but these five stand out as some of the best. Outrun 2014 is a classic arcade racer that can be played online or locally with friends. . Forza Horizon 3 is another great racing game set in an open-world environment. You can drive your car around different environments, including deserts, snowscapes, and tropical islands, and there are plenty of challenges to complete if you want to unlock all the achievements. Project CARS 2 is another fantastic racing game that takes full advantage of the PC’s power. Not only does it feature stunning graphics, but you can also race in custom races or participate in various championships across multiple circuits. Finally, Need for Speed Payback is an excellent racing game with a unique story mode that follows the race team led by Tyler Youngblood as they attempt to avenge their boss, who was betrayed and assassinated.

Need for Speed: Shift 2 Unleashed

the PC, and it does not disappoint. The game occurs in various locations, from city streets to open country roads. The graphics are top-notch, with realistic car models and environments that look great on high-end systems.

making this an excellent racing game for beginners and experts. There’s plenty of challenge

available, with a wide range of vehicles and track configurations to keep you entertained for hours. Plus, a number of other features in this title give it an edge over other racing games.

For example, you can race against others online or try your luck in single-player races against AI drivers.

Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 is a game that will have you driving around the open world of Britain and Europe in some of the most stunning car collections ever seen in a video game. Whether it’s classic Ferraris, legendary Porsches, or hypercar legends like the Lamborghini Aventador or Ferrari F430, you can explore the vast open spaces of Britain and Europe and take on challenges in events like Rallycross or Cross Country racing. Whether you’re just cruising around in your car or joining up with friends for a race, Forza Horizon 4 is an amazing experience that will amaze car fans of all levels of expertise.


There are a lot of great racing games available for PC gamers, but which ones are the best? Here are our top five racing games for PC.

If you’re a fan of racing games, there are plenty of great options available for PC gamers.

  1. Forza Horizon 4

If you love driving around in beautiful open landscapes, then Forza Horizon 4 is worth your time. The game features an incredible amount of detail and allows players to explore all kinds of different environments. Whether you’re cruising down a pristine beach road or tearing through the challenging mountain ranges, this game has it all.

  1. Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport is another great choice if you want a realistic racing experience. This game features stunning graphics and allows players to compete in various races and events. If you’re up for a challenge, this is the game for you!

  1. Assetto Corsa Competizione

Assetto Corsa Competizione is another excellent racing game that offers an intense competitive experience. This title features spectacular graphics that let players feel behind the wheel of their favourite race car. If speed and precision are important to you, then Assetto Corsa is definitely worth checking out!

  1. Forza Motorsport 7

If simulation racing is your thing, then Forza Motorsport 7 should be at the top of your list. This title offers an incredible level of detail that lets players feel like they’re really behind the wheel of their car. The game also includes

Gran Turismo Sport

Gran Turismo Sport

it’s not only incredibly realistic but also has a wealth of content for players to explore. If you’re looking for the best racing game on PC, look no further than Gran Turismo Sport.

Gran Turismo Sport is a fantastic sim replicating the feel of driving in high-end race cars. The graphics are stunning, and the physics are spot on. You can race on tracks from all around the world, and there’s tons of content to keep you busy for hours on end. Plus, the multiplayer is some of the best you’ll find on PC.

Gran Turismo Sport is always up there. It’s an incredibly realistic and immersive experience that will have you on the edge of your seat the whole time. There are many different cars and tracks to choose from, so you’ll never get bored. You can also join online races and compete against other drivers worldwide. If you’re looking for an amazing racing experience, Gran Turismo Sport is one of the best options.

Trackmania Turbo

Trackmania Turbo is a racing game developed and published by Nadeo. It is the tenth instalment in the Trackmania series and was released on September 13, 2017. The game features 3D graphics, online multiplayer, and a campaign mode.

The game’s objective is to complete various tracks as quickly as possible while avoiding obstacles and other players. There are ten different tracks in the game with additional downloadable content available. Players can customize their cars with different skins and patterns. There are also customization options for the player’s avatar, such as gender and clothing.

Trackmania Turbo has received positive reviews from critics.IGN awarded it an 8 out of 10, stating that “the new additions keep things fresh without overwhelming longtime fans”, while GameSpot awarded it a 9 out of 10, praising its “excellent” graphics and multiplayer modes.

Best Racing Games


Racing games are one of the most popular genres on PC, and many great ones are available. This article has compiled our top 10 racing games for PC 2022. Whether you’re looking for a fast-paced arcade racer or something more immersive with Challenges and multiplayer modes, these games will have you hooked for hours on end. So why not dive into the world of racing today?

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